Pakistan Army is another department that comes under the government of Pakistan. This sector offers numerous opportunities for Jobs in Pakistan.

Enrollment in Pakistan Army guarantees a bright and secure future. After joining Pak Army one can earn respect and a very suitable lively hood.

In Pakistan, Armed Forces Jobs are considered as very respectable. Pakistan Army is an independent department of Pakistan.

The pay scale of the Pakistan Army is very good as compared to other government sectors of Pakistan.

Numerous Armed Forces Jobs do not require high qualifications. Most of the enrolling are done after the matric. The main requirement of the Pak Army is the true spirit to serve the country.

Pak Army reserves a separate quota for women of Pakistan. So it gives women a chance to equally contribute to the nation. It is the most trusted defense department in Pakistan.

Pakistan Armed Forces Jobs 2020

Citizens who wish to become a part of Pakistan Army, they have to go through a complete enrollment process.

First, they have to fill an online Application form.

After filling the online Application form they have to give entrance test.

After clearing the entrance test candidates are shortlisted for ISSB.

The candidates then go for a final medical.

After all this procedure the final merit lists are displayed.

Following are the Armed Forces Jobs positions for both male and female 2020

Regular Commission* PMA Long Course
*Technical Cadet Course
* As M Cadet Course AFNS (BSc Nursing)
Short Service Regular Commission*GDMOs
*AFNS (General Nursing)
Direct Short Service Commission*Lady Officers (Women Commission)
Soldier RecuitmentRecruits
Armed Forces Job Positions

Available Armed Forces Jobs 2020

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Armed Forces Jobs for Females

Armed Forces Jobs
Armed forces jobs

PAF Jobs for Females

PAF stands for Pakistan Air Force. Pakistan Air Force offers numerous jobs for the citizens of Pakistan. It is one of the noblest department of Pakistan.

Pakistan Air Force reserves a separate quota for women. It enables women of Pakistan to serve the cause of the nation. Women in PAF enrolled both as short service and permanent commissions.

For permanent services women are enrolled as

  1. General Duty Pilot
  2. Aeronautical engineer

For short services women are enrolled as

  1. General Duty Medical Officer
  2. Child Specialist(classified specialist)
  3. Skin Specialist(classified specialist)
  4. ENT Specialist(classified specialist)
  5. Radiologist(classified specialist)
  6. Medical Specialist(classified specialist)
  7. Gynecologist(classified specialist)
  8. Child Specialist(graded specialist)
  9. Radiologist(graded specialist)
  10. Gynecologist(graded specialist)
  11. ENT Specialist(graded specialist)
  12. Child Specialist(graded specialist)
  13. Skin Specialist(graded specialist)
Armed Forces Jobs
Armed forces jobs
  • Army Jobs for Females

Women in the Pakistan Armed Forces are the female soldiers who serve in the Pakistan Armed Forces.

Women have been taking part in the Pakistani military since 1947, after the establishment of Pakistan. Pakistan Army offers numerous jobs for women.

  1. Women can join the army as captain females through direct short service commission(DSSC). The qualifications required for this are BE Civil engineering, BE Architectural engineering, BE Town Planning.
  2. Women can also join the army through the Direct Short Service Commission in the Corps of Signals as captain. The required qualification is MS in Telecommunication engineering, Software engineering, or MBA with knowledge of telecommunications or computer science.
  3. Women can also get enrolled in the Pak army through direct short service commission in the army education Corps as captain. The requirements include Msc Maths and Physics.
  4. Women can join through the Direct Short Service Commission as Computer Specialists. The qualification requirements include Bsc engineering/BE in electrical, telecommunication, software, or CS.
  5. Women can also join as captain psychologists.
Armed Forces Jobs

Armed forces jobs

Navy Jobs for Females

The Pakistan Navy is the naval warfare uniform service branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces.

Its primary objective is to ensure the defense of the sea lines of communications of Pakistan and safeguarding Pakistan’s maritime interests

It does so by executing national policies through the exercise of military effect, diplomatic and humanitarian activities in support of these objectives. Pakistan’s navy offers numerous opportunities for women. Pakistani women can join the Navy as

Short Service Commission in education, special branch, medical branch, law branch.

  1. EDUCATION BRANCH, the qualification includes MA/Msc Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, Islamic studies, English, and Urdu.
  2. SPECIAL BRANCH (IT), women can apply in the fields of Computer Science, Software engineering, Information Technology, Information security.
  3. MEDICAL BRANCH, women can also join the Navy as a pharmacist.
  4. NAVAL LAW BRANCH, women can also make their careers in the law branch.

Armed Forces Jobs for Graduates

PAF Jobs For Graduates

PAF is known to be the top-ranked defense force in the world. Many citizens of Pakistan want to join the air force after graduation. After graduation (B.SC, B.COM, B.A) one can join PAF in the following fields.

  1. Admin and special duties
  2. Accounts
  3. Logistics
  4. Information Technology
  5. Meteorology

The jobs in which the candidate can apply are :

  1. PF and DI
  2. Educator Instructor
  3. Sportsman
  4. Aero Support
  5. Aero Technician
  6. Religious Teachers

Army Jobs For Graduates

Pakistani army offers a very bright future for the citizens of Pakistan. The Pakistani army is among the most strong defenders of the world.

It is the dream of every youngster of Pakistan to join the Pak Army and serve the nation. After graduation, one can join Pakistan army as

  1. General Duty Medical Officers
  2. Classified Specialists for radiology, pathology, ENT Specialist as a captain.
  3. Those who have done BSC engineering can join as a captain.
  4. Also who have done BBA, accounts, IT. can get jobs in admin and also as a software engineer.

Navy Jobs For Graduates

If any candidate is willing to apply in Pakistan Navy after Graduation then one has to apply for the Short Service Commission Course which is carried out every year.

Short Service Commission is basically for five years which may be extended and converted into permanent commission.

The following are the departments in which one can apply and get a job after graduation. There are basically 3 branches

  1. Special/IT branch
  2. Education branch
  3. Law branch

Why You Should Join Armed Forces

The armed forces were formed in 1947 when Pakistan became independent from the British Empire. Since then, the armed forces have played a decisive role in the modern history of Pakistan, fighting major wars with India in 1947, 1965, and 1971, and on several occasions seizing control of the government.

Armed Forces are divided into various departments that include Pak Army, PAF, Pak Navy. All these sectors are working for the defense of Pakistan in numerous ways.

Armed Forces Jobs are considered very noble. Every youngster wants to become a part of these forces.

The main purpose of joining these forces is to serve the country. The most major purpose of all these three armed forces is to protect the Land of Pakistan from all internal and external threats along with helping the citizens in case of some emergency like floods or earthquakes by coordinating with each other.

Moreover, the salary packages offered by Armed forces are also very good. Armed forces jobs promise a very bright future.

How to Join Armed Forces Jobs

The registration process of Armed forces involves several steps.

First, you have to check the eligibility criteria first and then apply for the course you are interested in. Provide all your educational and personal documents in the form.

After submission of your online application, you will receive an email informing you of the initial and medical tests along with the details such as the center, roll number, and date of the initial test.

In the initial test, the aptitude of the candidate in subjects like Maths, English, and General Knowledge is assessed. If one is able to pass the test, one will then appear in the medical examination.

In the initial medical, the candidate’s basic necessary medical information is collected to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements of ISSB.

The shortlisted candidates are called for ISSB. It is an organization that selects commissioned officers in the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

It is a four-day selection test where a candidate’s aptitude and personality is tested.

ISSB test is divided in to 3 categories:

  • Interviews
  • Psychological tests
  • Outdoor activities and exercises

After the recommendation of ISSB the candidates are called for final medical and those who clear the final medical are then enrolled in different sectors and are send to respective academies.

Salaries of Latest Jobs Offered by Armed Forces Jobs

These jobs offer very good salary packages. Not only they offer good salary packages but also many other facilities are provided.

These facilities include free medical, concessions during travel, houses are also given, and many more. Despite all the facilities respect is paid to people who serve the nation.

The average monthly pay of an army officer is 110,279 PKR. The average monthly pay of PAF Officer is 62,118 PKR. And the average monthly pay of Navy Officer is 82,210 PKR.

Qualification for Armed Forces Jobs

The candidates who want to join armed forces after matric or intermediate are eligible if they obtain minimum second division.

Those who want to join armed forces after graduation can join for several jobs.

They should qualify for MBBS, electrical, software, telecommunication engineering, IT specialists, BBA, and more. Candidates can join armed forces in fields of law and education too.

Armed Forces Recruitment Forms

Every year the advertisements for the recruitment in Armed Forces is first given in popular newspapers like Express, The News, Dawn any many other too.

The recruitment forms are available online on respective websites. For PAF jobs you can get the forms from their official website Navy recruitment forms are available

Armed Forces Jobs for Doctors

One can join the Armed Forces as a Doctor. Those who have done MBBS can give ISSB. And after selection, they are sent to respective Academies.

Doctors are required in all of the respective sectors of the Armed Forces(Army, Navy, PAF). For short service commissions, doctors are every year enrolled in Armed Forces.

Following filed specialist doctors are enrolled:

  • Child Specialist
  • ENT Specialist
  • Radiologist
  • Gynecologist
  • Skin Specialist

Military Intelligence Jobs 2020

The Directorate for Military Intelligence, known as “Military Intelligence”, is the intelligence arm of the Pakistan Army. It is headquartered at the General Headquarters (Pakistan Army) in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

The MI works in coordination with Air Intelligence (AI) of the Pakistan Air Force and Naval Intelligence (NI) of the Pakistan Navy. In this department, the existing army officers are converted into military intelligence officers.

Armed Forces Jobs for Civilians

Civilians also get a chance to get jobs in Armed Forces. These jobs include the posts of clerks, waiters and more.

How to Join Pak Navy for Females after Intermediate?

Female cadets can join Pak Navy as PN Cadets after intermediate. The eligibility criteria fir this is to obtain at least 60% marks in subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science.

In Navy cadets are enrolled twice. This commission offers the following cases Operations, Weapon Engineering, Supply, Marine Engineering.

Lecturer Jobs in Pak Army

Army Public School and College system is a vast schooling system in Pakistan. It offers numerous jobs every year. It has a very good reputation in the country.

More About Armed Forces Jobs

Enrolling for Civilian and non-civilian jobs and commissioned officers are updated in newspapers and official websites. These jobs include General Duty Officers, Inspectors, Commissioners, Constables and more.

Job Reviews By Applicants

During the military service, the officers are exposed to the diverse nature of jobs. Other than the military operational activities one gets the experience of dealing with civil administration and working in close coordination for nation-building jobs.

– Army Officer

Every day we have to be confident and do our assigned work with the best we can. Serving as an Army officer was very good I learned a lot of things they develop a person’s life.

– Army Officer

Final Words

For the selfless patriotic citizens of Pakistan, Armed Forces is the perfect organization to work for. You will be invaluable assets to the country just by doing your jobs with honesty.

Let us know in comments if you are looking for Armed Forces Jobs. We have list of Job available and will help you in this regard. Subscribe to our newsletter for new Job updates.

On behalf of team Jobhunter, we wish you the best of luck and hope that Allah places you among the best of His blessings. Ameen.


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