If you want to earn in Pakistan, then government jobs would be your best bet on having a bright and safe future in this country.

The Government of Pakistan frequently announces financial packages for their employees which help in buying loans for property, vehicle, education, etc. Furthermore, services such as clubs, gymkhanas, and guest houses are also provided at a relaxed rate for employees of the government.

One such organization is CAA. Fortunately for prospecting employees, there are many Jobs in CAA for people of all kinds of educational backgrounds.

In this article, we will explain the criteria, qualifications, and methods to apply for Jobs in CAA.

What is CAA?

CAA or PPCA stands for Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. It is a government organisation which oversees and regulates all aspects of civil aviation in Pakistan.

PCAA is a member state of the International Civil Aviation Organization. Almost all civilian airports in Pakistan are owned and operated by the PCAA. The official website is www.caapakistan.com.pk.

More About CAA

Who is DG of CAA?

Mr. Hassan Nasir Jamy is the current DG CAA with an MBA from Quaid – i – Azam University and has more than 30 years of work experience under his belt.

Where are the headquarters located?

Established on 7 December 1982, the headquarters of CAA is located in Karachi.

What is focus of PCAA?

PCAA not only plays the role of the Aviation Regulator but also performs the service provider functions of Air Navigation Services and Airport Services.

The core functions of PCAA are, therefore ‘Regulatory’, ‘Air Navigation Services’ & ‘Airport Services’.

Available CAA Job Positions

To get you an idea of what kind of vacancies are announced by CAA periodically, we have listed a few common posts frequently announced by CAA:

  • Cabin Safety Inspector
  • Joint Director (Licensing)
  • Additional Director (Flight Standards)
  • Additional Director (Medical)
  • Director
  • Gardener
  • Telephone Operator
  • Airport Facilitation Assistant
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Clerk

Salaries of CAA Jobs

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority uses uniform pay scales under supervision of the Government of Pakistan to pay wages to its staff.

BS Scales are used for giving salaries to all employees, civil and military. Here are a few estimated salaries of employees in various departments of CAA:

Office Assistant: Rs 18,401

Management Trainee: Rs 10,000

Electronics Engineer: Rs 53,000

Site Inspector Civil Works: Rs 89453

How to Apply for CAA Jobs in Pakistan

CAA advertises its jobs on many national newspapers as well as its official website.

In the advertisement poster, see the relevant post you wish to apply in and submit the documents required online to the official website so that your application may be considered.

These advertisement posters mention the experience, physical fitness, age limit and other relevant details next to the post one wishes to apply in.

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Documents Required for CAA Jobs

Requirements for documents and experience varies according to the nature of the job post aspiring candidates wish to apply in.

A Pakistani ID card is mandatory along with a basic education certificate. After that, further educational documents or experience certificates might be required up to the nature of the post.

CAA Latest Jobs 2020

CAA Jobs 2020
Credits: JobHunter.pk

Why Should You Apply for CAA Jobs

CAA is a premier government institute. The pay scale is uniform according to the BS grades of the Government of Pakistan.

Along with this, citizens will get pensions upon retirement, a major plus point when compared to private jobs. Furthermore, as an employee of CAA, you can be proud that you are working for the betterment of all those around you in your country.

Each day you serve for the growth and prosperity of your motherland and go home content with your job with a feeling that you are one of those proud few entrusted to take part in the development of the Nation.

Job Reviews by Applicants

The environment is very nice and flexible. The company give lots of benefits to its employees. It is my dream to work in such an Organization. I learned dealing with people. evaluation of root causes of problems in training, filing work, and also how to handle cases of employees. The management was very friendly and also the employees were very helpful. As I was an intern, the hardest job was to spend time from 9-5 but with time I got used to off it.

– Former Intern

This is the Government Organization and also the best place for working. It’s so honorable if for providing his services here. Management is also perfect here. But only 1-hour break.

– Accountant

Final Words

We hope this article has provided you with all the information you were searching for.

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