NADRA Jobs in Pakistan

Pakistan has a rich agricultural, industrial, and corporate structure for running the country which is continuously improving the living standards of its citizens. This creates jobs in many sectors so the citizens have a choice in what line of work they wish to adopt. We have a list of all the latest Nadra jobs in Pakistan.

NADRA is such an organization that creates numerous jobs in Pakistan for people of almost all kinds of educational backgrounds. Similarly, NADRA is such an organization that has plenty of job opportunities for 2020.

What is NADRA

NADRA stands for National Database & Registration Authority. To clarify its working, it is the only government institution that provides solutions for identification and e-governance.

NADRA regulates government databases and statistically manages the sensitive registration database of all the national citizens.

It is an immense organization and therefore employs numerous people for jobs in Pakistan. This can be judged from the fact that currently, NADRA employs 11,000 people in more than 800 domestic offices and five international offices.

Therefore, it is beyond doubt, an organization of great prestige and respect in Pakistan. The official website is


As of 2018, Usman Yousaf Mobin, who was formerly the Chief Technology Officer of NADRA is serving as the Chairman. During his tenure, he created many new jobs in NADRA to help increase the employment rate in Pakistan.

Along with Mr. Usman Yousaf Mobin, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali (DG Projects), Khalid Latif (Chief of Staff), Col. (R) Tahir Maqsood Khan (DG Operations) comprise of NADRA’s Senior Management which participates in determining the organization’s strategy and has the responsibility to run the day to day operations.

Secondly, eight Regional Headquarters control NADRA’s Field Operations under the leadership of a Regional Director General – DG.  

The main responsibility of Regional DGs is to ensure that all applicants are handled with utmost customer care without compromising the organization’s Registration rules/regulations/SOPs.

This is the structure of NADRA’s Operational Management directly under the authority of the Senior Management.

NADRA Positions

NADRA employs people in all fields of work such as:

  • Junior Executive
  • Executive
  • Supervisor
  • Security Guard
  • Driver
  • Sweeper
  • Deputy Director (Software Engineer)
  • Assistant Director (Mobile Developer)
  • Assistant Director (Mobile Developer)
  • Deputy Director (Software Engineer)

How to Download NADRA Jobs 2020 Application Form?

As of now, there is no way for applying online for jobs in NADRA in Pakistan. The organization advertises its vacancies in National newspapers. Also, there is no application form for NADRA.

For the post of Driver/Supervisor/Junior Executive etc, on the date(s) mentioned in the advertisement, the applicant must go to the Regional Offices of NADRA along with his/her CV and all required documents mentioned. Then, the recruiters conduct walk-in interviews based on these documents. In these kinds of interviews, the applicant does not need to write an application, he/she only has to bring the documents required.

For the posts of Deputy Director/Assistant Director etc, applicants must submit their documents as well as a written application before the date specified in the advertisement. Then, shortlisted candidates are called for the interview and then jobs are granted on merit.

How to Get NADRA Jobs 2020 Advertisement Online?

Newspapers are the primary method of recruitment for all kinds of jobs in NADRA. To clarify, no official website advertises jobs for NADRA online. However, for your ease, the entries in the tables have been attached with links to the advertisement posters that were printed in newspapers. Click on any link and you will be redirected to the relevant poster for the relevant jobs.

You can also get the online advertisement for NADRA jobs by subscribing to our e-mail newsletter. If you want to know about the latest jobs in Pakistan, subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news. You can also subscribe to our Facebook page if you want to get the latest news about job openings in NADRA.

Available NADRA Jobs 2020

VacanciesDate to ApplyStatus
Jobs in Islamabad 202013 March 2020Closed
Jobs in Karachi 202013 March 2020Closed
Jobs in Lahore 202013 January 2020Closed
Jobs in KP 202015 March 2020Closed
Jobs in Peshawar 202013 March 2020Closed
Jobs in Sindh 202012 March 2020Closed
Jobs in Rawalpindi 202013 January 2020Closed
We continually update this table as soon as new jobs come up.

Latest NADRA Jobs

PositionDate to ApplyStatus
Supervisor (Islamabad)7 July 2020Live
Supervisor (Peshawar)30 September 2020Live
Naib Qasid (Peshawar)17 August 2020Live

Why should you apply for NADRA Jobs?

NADRA is a premier government institute. The pay scale is uniform according to the BS grades of the Government of Pakistan. Along with this, citizens will get pensions upon retirement, a major plus point when compared to private jobs. Furthermore, as an employee of NADRA, you can be proud that you are working for the betterment of all those around you in your country. Each day you serve for the growth and prosperity of your motherland and go home content with your job with a feeling that you are one of those proud few entrusted to take part in the development of the Nation.

Qualification Required for NADRA Jobs

There are many posts in NADRA. Some jobs in NADRA require minimum educational backgrounds such as for the post of Security Guards or Junior Executives. Some require high educational qualifications as well as years of experience such as for Software Engineers. The qualification is totally dependant on the role you will play in the department. This means that a higher post will definitely require a higher educational background as well as a great deal of experience.

NADRA Jobs for Females

NADRA employs men as well as women in its office jobs. In essence, there is no reserved quota for jobs in NADRA for women. To clarify, merit is the only scale. However, there are some jobs such as Security Guards and Drivers which are reserved only for men (with respect to the customs of our society).

Job Reviews from Applicants

That was the job in Nadra ( The National Database and Registration Authority ) office in Pakistan. And I played the role there as DEO (Data Entry Operator), and there were many other tasks to do like taking pictures and fingers pointing and taking all the bio matrices data of all customers individually on there turns for order to make their ID cards (Identity cards).

Data Entry Operator

Highly professional environment.
A great place to learn new key skills.
Management is caring and the workplace culture is great.
The hardest part of the job is to work after the hours which are not planned.
The most enjoyable part of the job is planning and designing the solutions.

System Engineer

More About NADRA

  • NADRA Quality Management and CNIC Production departments are ISO 9001:2000 Certified.
  • NADRA also tracks cases of fake identities through its system. When spotted and identified as fake identities, NADRA blocks these IDs.
  • By 2012, NADRA has removed approximately 37 Million “fake” voters.
  • According to ID World Magazine, for 9 years NADRA was among the top 50 e-passport technology suppliers.

Final Words

For the selfless patriotic citizens of Pakistan, NADRA is the perfect organization to work for. You will be an invaluable asset to the country just by doing your jobs with sincerity and honesty.

On behalf of Team JobHunter, we wish you the best of luck and hope that Allah places you among the best of His blessings. Ameen.


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