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From its beginning, Pakistan Air Force has been one of the mightiest defenses of our homeland against any and all forms of foreign aggression.

It has proved itself not just once but every single time the motherland required its services. From 1947 to 2020, PAF has always defended this great nation doing whatever it takes, sacrificing whatever is needed.

Being one of the most important organizations in the country, Pakistan Air Force employs a variety of staff, civil as well as military.

Both these fields create a lot of Jobs in Pakistan. Thousands if not millions apply for Jobs in PAF aspiring to be part of this armada of valiant knights in the sky.

Available Positions

  • General Duty Pilot (GDP)
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Air Defence Controller
  • Legal Advisor
  • Planning Engineer
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Civil Engineer
  • Driver
  • Cook
  • Security Guard
  • Gardener
  • Teacher
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Eligibility Criteria for PAF Jobs

PAF employs very strict criteria for the selection of its aspiring cadets.

Being a frontline force, it needs cadets that are physically as well as mentally fit. No compromise on medical fitness is done when selecting future Fighter Pilots of the Nation.

Candidates must have no medical conditions that could cause the slightest problems during aviation.

The person must be a national of Pakistan.

Some posts such as GDP require the person to be unmarried.

Age is also an important factor, for senior positions however, the age limit is usually relaxed according to the nature of the designation.

Being a vast organization, the eligibility criteria varies according to the nature of the job in PAF.

The advertisement brochures issued by PAF have the exact criteria mentioned along with each post.

PAF Jobs via

PAF Jobs 2020

PAF Jobs Advertisement 2020

Pakistan Air Force advertises its vacancies in a number of ways. The primary method is through the use of newspaper ads.

In addition to this, PAF also uses its own website ( to advertise openings or to announce the start of recruitment to aspiring cadets.

For your ease, we have put lists of job vacancies active as well as recently filled posts so that you may know what kind of openings usually come up for jobs in PAF.

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Salaries of Latest Jobs Offered by PAF

Being an organisation under the Ministry of Defence of Pakistan, Pakistan Air Force uses uniform pay scales under supervision of the Government of Pakistan.

BS Scales are used for giving salaries to all employees, civil and military. Here are a few estimated salaries of employees in various departments of PAF:

Fire Fighter: Rs 40,000

Lower Division Clerk: Rs 15,000

Non-Commissioned Officer: Rs 20,000

Purchase Coordinator: Rs 20,000

Corporal Technician: Rs 24,000

Supervisor: Rs 40,000

Chief Warrant Officer: Rs 42,000

Junior Commissioned Officer: Rs 48,000

Why You Should Join PAF?

Pakistan Air Force has valiantly and selflessly defended the Nation against any and all forms of aggression, often overpowered by a physically superior force, yet the brave officers of PAF such as Muhammad Mehmood Alam have always proved that only those on the path of righteousness shall triumph.

To be part of such a force would not only instill in employees a sense of pride but also a sense of responsibility and debt towards this country and its martyrs.

Documents Required for PAF Jobs

To apply for any post in Pakistan Air Force, one must have a valid ID card issued by the government of Pakistan. Furthermore, educational degrees are also required according to the nature of the post the candidate wishes to apply in.

These can be from a matric certificate to a Ph. D degree.

How to Join PAF Jobs?

You can visit your city’s recruitment center, check the newspapers, or visit the official website for the Pakistan Air Force.

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PAF Jobs for Females 2020

Unlike Pakistan Army, PAF employs women in all branches of service, whether they be in Air Defence or General Duty Pilots flying combat missions for the homeland. No role is gender-specific in PAF, women can apply for any position as long as they fall in the standards required for the post.

PAF Jobs for Graduates

BAEducation Instructor (English)Closed
BScEducation Instructor (Physics)Closed
BScEducation Instructor (Maths)Closed
MA/MScDirector (PES)Closed
MA/MScPrincipal (PES)Closed
BA/BScTeacher (PES)Closed
BSc/BE/BCSAir DefenceClosed
BE/BScEngineering BranchClosed
BSc/MSc..Admin and Special DutiesClosed
BBA/BSCS..Logistics BranchClosed

PAF Jobs for Intermediate Students

Religious TeacherClosed
GD PilotClosed
Air DefenceClosed

PAF Jobs for Civillians

Security GuardClosed
Data Entry OperatorClosed

Job Reviews by Applicants

A highly experienced AdminSecurity and Vigilance Officer who is committed to complying with the highest workplace standards by safeguarding the assets (Men and Materials) of the institution in terms of attendance, security, and safety. Proficient in conducting security Risk Assessments and Plans Security for the assets to meet the existing or perceived threats.

I am having a comprehensive working knowledge of all Security protocols, orders/duties, Searching and Neutralization of Bomb threats, and Emergencies preparedness in peacetime. Physically fit enough as well to be able to walk around for long periods

– Admin and Security Officer

In this job a man can learn many things, whether its related to technical, administrative, physical, confidence.

I learn too many things during my 23 years time span in this organization. So I enjoyed a lot to do work during my service…

– Assistant Warrant Officer

Final Words

For the citizens of Pakistan who wish to be a part of this country’s stability and progress, no better organization can help them achieve their goals. In Pakistan Air Force, you will be part of a group of like-minded individuals all having one goal in their minds, the prosperity of their beloved motherland.

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