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Pakistan has a rich agricultural, industrial and corporate structure for running the country and continuously improving the living standards of its citizens.

This creates jobs in many sectors so the citizens have a choice in what line of work they wish to adopt. These include huge government organizations with countless jobs such as Pakistan Railways, Sindh Police, Levies Force, WAPDA Lahore, and PTS.

All of these organizations are important for the functioning of any country. Railways are essential for the transport of goods, power is necessary for the working of the machinery and a strong police force is necessary for upholding law and order in the country.

PTS is a service that helps recruit officers in these organizations. There are many jobs in PTS for 2020 in which you can apply.

What is PTS?

PTS stands for Pakistan Testing Service. It offers entry tests of all types of institutions and resides recruitment tests for public and private sector institutions within the country and across the world.

To clarify, PTS conducts aptitude tests, entry-level examinations, and selection process based which is based on merit for public and private sector institutions ensuring fairness and transparency through quality-based assessment.

The official website of PTS is

PTS Projects

PTS ProjectsStatus
WAPDA Educational Institutes (Multiple Cities)Closed
Divisional Public School & College FaisalabadClosed
Sindh Police (March/2020)Closed
Pakistan Agriculture Storage & Services Corporation (PASSCO)Closed
National Security Printing Company PakistanClosed
Central Power Purchasing Agency, Govt. of PakistanClosed
State Life Insurance PakistanClosed
Ministry of National Food Security & ResearchClosed

PTS Jobs Notifications

PTS advertises its job vacancies in newspapers as well as its official website

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Positions for PTS Jobs

Pakistan Testing Service is a vast organization. It employs people with all kinds of skills. Some of its positions along with their organization include:

  • Lecturer (WAPDA)
  • Laboratory Assistant (WAPDA)
  • Drawing Master (WAPDA)
  • Assistant (State Life Insurance Pakistan)
  • Manager (Central Power Purchasing Agency)
  • Sub-Engineer (PASSCO)
  • Purchase Officer (PASSCO)
  • Assistant Network Administrator (PASSCO)
  • Constable (Sindh Police)
  • Teaching Staff (Divisional Public School & College Faisalabad)

How to Apply Online

Newspapers are the organization’s primary method of recruitment for all kinds of jobs in PTS. In addition to newspaper advertisements, PTS also offers jobs online on its website.

However, for your ease, the entries in the tables have been attached with links to the advertisement posters that were printed in newspapers. Click on any link and you will be redirected to the relevant poster.

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PTS Latest Job Announcements

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Qualifications Required for PTS Jobs

There are many posts in PTS Jobs.

Some require minimum educational backgrounds such as for the post of Security Guards or Contables.

Some latest PTS 2020 Jobs require high educational qualifications as well as years of experience such as for Managers. The qualification is totally dependant on the role you will play in the department. This means that a higher post will definitely require a higher educational background as well as a great deal of experience.

Documents Required for PTS Jobs

Each department in PTS Jobs has its own requirement of documents. All documents require some sort of Identification so it is wise to obtain an ID card. According to the needs, education and experience are required, the higher the post, the more educational certificates/degrees/diplomas and experience letters would be required.

Top Testing Organisations in Pakistan

  • National Testing Service (NTS)
  • Pakistan Testing Service (PTS)
    • Open Testing Service (OTS)

Why should you apply for PTS Jobs?

PTS is a premier government institute. The pay scale is uniform according to the BS grades of the Government of Pakistan. Along with this, citizens will get pensions upon retirement, a major plus point when compared to private jobs.

Furthermore, as an employee of PTS, you can be proud that you are working for the betterment of all those around you in your country. Each day you serve for the growth and prosperity of the motherland and go home content with your job, that you are one of those proud few entrusted to take part in the development of the Nation.

PTS Jobs for Females

PTS employs men as well as women in its office jobs. In essence, there is no reserved quota for jobs in PTS for women. To clarify, merit is the only scale. However, there are some jobs such as Security Guards and Drivers which are reserved only for men (with respect to the customs of our society).

Job Reviews from Applicants

I have been working at Sindh Police full-time (More than 10 years).

Pros: To protect people’s life and provided a safe and healthy environment for business.

Cons: Honest people worked this organization are no value.

Advice to Management: Honest people are important assets for this organization.

Manager Security – Sindh Police

Pakistan WAPDA is a good department of Pakistan, It is the energy department of Pakistan, The Wapda House is situated at Lahore Pakistan, Wapda is providing the electricity to whole People and Industries of Pakistan,

Junior Clerk – WAPDA

Final Words

For the selfless patriotic citizens of Pakistan, PTS is the perfect organisation to work for. You will be invaluable assets to the country just by doing your jobs with sincerity and honesty.

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On behalf of Team JobHunter, we wish you the best of luck and hope that Allah places you among the best of His blessings. Ameen.


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