From its founding in 1958, Pakistan Rangers has been one of the mightiest defences of our homeland against any and all forms of foreign aggression.

It has proved itself not just once but every single time the motherland required its services. Rangers have always defended this great nation doing whatever it takes, sacrificing whatever is needed.

Being one of the most important organizations in the country, Pakistan Rangers employs a variety of staff, civil as well as military.

Both these fields create a lot of jobs in Pakistan. Thousands if not millions apply for jobs in Pakistan Rangers aspiring to be part of this armada of valiant knights, the frontline force of our beloved motherland.

Available Pakistan Rangers Vacant Positions

Currently, no vacancies are open, but for you to have an idea as to what kind of vacancies to expect, we have listed below some common job posts that are advertised by Pakistan Rangers:

  • Sub-Inspector
  • Khateeb
  • Havildar
  • Sipahi (General Duty)
  • Sipahi (Cook)
  • Sipahi (Mess Waiter)
  • Naik (General Duty)
  • Non-Combatant (Enrolled)

Eligibility Criteria for Rangers Jobs

There are two main branches for Pakistan Rangers.

For combat servicemen, the requirements are very strict and no relaxation is given.

1. The age is to be from 18-30 years.

2. The minimum height is 5′ 6″.

3. The chest requirement is 33″ with 1.5″ expansion.

4. Weight can not be less than 121 lbs.

Note: For civilians, almost no eligibility criteria in terms of physical fitness exists. Even if it does, it is relaxable.

Salaries of Pakistan Rangers Jobs 2020

Being a government organisation, all salaries of Pakistan are according to the BS Scales assigned by the Government of Pakistan. Salaries of some posts are mentioned below so that aspiring candidates may have an idea as to what packages the can expect as employees of Pakistan Rangers:

Sub-Inspector: Rs 44,814

Inspector: Rs 45,000

Why Should You Join Pakistan Rangers?

Rangers Jobs
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Pakistan Rangers has valiantly and selflessly defended the Nation against any and all forms of aggression, often overpowered by a physically superior force, yet the brave officers and soldiers of Pakistan Rangers have always proved that only those on the path of righteousness shall triumph.

To be part of such a force would not only instil in employees a sense of pride but also a sense of responsibility and debt towards this country and its martyrs.

Documents Required for Pakistan Rangers Jobs

1. A valid National Identity Card is a must to apply for any post.

2. Some posts can require your marriage certificate and other educational documents depending on the nature of the vacancy you are applying in ranging from a matriculate certificate to a Ph.D. degree.

3. A character certificate from past employments will also be required.

How can I Apply for Pakistan Rangers Jobs 2020 in Pakistan?

Advertisements in newspapers, as well as the official website, are the main sources of recruitment for Pakistan Rangers.

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Pakistan Rangers Jobs 2020 Application Form

The Application Form for applying is available at the official website of the Punjab and Sindh Rangers, and respectively.

Pakistan Rangers Jobs 2020

Currently, we have no job available for this organization. But, we will let you know as soon as job vacancies are announced. Stay tuned and subscribe to our website and Facebook page for more updates.

More About Pakistan Rangers

Who is the current DG Ranger Punjab?

The present Punjab DG Ranger is Major-General Muhammad Aamir Majeed. The sindh DG Ranger is Major-General Omar Ahmad Bokhari.

Where are Rangers headquarters located?

The Sindh Rangers has its headquarters in Karachi under the leadership of Major General Omer Ahmed Bokhari. The Punjab Rangers has its headquarters in Lahore.

What is the core responsibility of Pakistan Rangers?

Except for the Line of Control (LoC) which is under the direct responsibility of regular troops of the Pakistan Army, the responsibility of the Rangers is to secure their province’s respective International Boundary (IB).

Pakistan Rangers Jobs for Females

Women in Pakistan Rangers
Pakistan Rangers Jobs

Pakistan Rangers usually employs women in all branches of service, whether it be office duty or field jobs. Women can apply for almost any position as long as they fall in the standards required for the post.

How many forces does Pakistan have?

Job PostNameOrganization
Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff CommitteeRangers Jobs 2020
General Nadeem Raza
Pakistan Army
Chief of Army StaffPak Army Jobs
General Qamar Javed Bajwa
Pakistan Army
Chief of Air StaffRangers Jobs 2020
Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan
Pakistan Air Force
Chief of Naval StaffRangers Jobs 2020
Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi
Pakistan Navy

Final Words

For the citizens of Pakistan who wish to be a part of this country’s stability and progress, no better organization can help them achieve their goals. In Pakistan Rangers, you will be part of a group of like-minded individuals all having one goal in their minds, the prosperity of their beloved motherland.

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On behalf of Team Job-Hunter, we hope this article was helpful to you and we wish aspiring candidates the best of luck for all their future endeavours.


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